Substituting Lpg For Wood: Carbon And Deforestation Impacts

  • Posted by: Safi Africa Enegy

In developed and developing countries, biofuels could hardly be viewed more differently. In developed countries they are modern, even trendy, with broad government support driving consumption levels to record highs. In the developing world, typified by the traditional three-stone fire, biofuels are a symbol of the not-so-good-old days. Known mainly by their common names of wood and charcoal, they are a barrier to economic progress and a major source of illness. Governments have recognised this, prompting a revolution in energy use that is already underway. Part of this involves a massive shift from cooking with wood and other forms of biomass to cooking with LPG. According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) vision of the future, somewhere between 800 million and two billion people will switch from traditional cooking with wood to other fuels (such as LPG) over the 2015-30 period.

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Author: Safi Africa Enegy

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